The next stage …

Hello everyone I really hope you are doing well and if not please push past the problem help is all around you just reach out your hand someone will be there. My journey to raise money to help combat Cancer has never come  clearer then yesterday morning when my grandad pass away losing  his battle with cancer. I remember thinking I have… I mean we have lost a great man, we may have lost this  battle like so many of you out there BUT I will not lose the way against cancer I promise this to all of you  going through treatment or know someone going through treatment I will compete my hike, all I need is for you to donate so that my efforts have been worth it, even if it’s £1 please anything will help us get to that target thank you.

Now getting back on trak. I had some understanding about how hard it may be Organising something like the PCT but actually getting on with it has been a challenge to say the least. I have put together a plan of stages, over the next couple of weeks I will be going into more detail of etch stage.

Stage one has been getting the word out and about, letters to shops/local businesses asking for there permission about fundraising  on there premises along with emails to local TV/radio stations, asking them if it’s possible to have just a little mention. I have also ordered T-shirts, banners, fliers and other bits to really make people aware of what I’m doing in hope they will donate.  

Thank you for reading so far, I know with my grammar it can be hard but please think of the bigger picture. We can do this together. This could make a big difference to Our children’s children once more thank you so much.


Just A little reminder 😢

Sorry if this blog comes across down beat. I would like to divert from the TCP just for this blog thank you. I feel it’s just as important to revile what it’s actually like for someone on the outside watching a loved one losing the battle against cancer. just a little reminder of what I’m feeling, if you have been reading my blogs you know my granddad has lung cancer. over this last week it has really hit me for six, I’m lost for words but will try to explain….i want to see him for the first time in a week, God how things can change in only 7 days. only 2 weeks ago he was walking about looking please with himself for putting on a bet something he hasn’t been able to do for a long time, (one of many memories I have of him is he would go every weekend to the betting shop to see his friends and put on a couple of bets, don’t know why he never one anything ) on my way to see my grandparents I didn’t  really think of what I could possibly be walking into. as I walked though to say hello to my nan I walked passed there living room from what I could work out there was a big object in there but couldn’t see properly because the glass door was closed. Seeing that ragged look on my poor Nan’s face I just know there and then things are getting worse and at that moment a cold, cold felling griped me and hasn’t left me since. Without asking her to explain what had been going on I want into the living, in front of my was my granddad laying on a hospital bed with deep black bruseing all over him and pills staked up beside the bed. I remember thinking is this the start of the end. I lent down on one foot and held his hand, are you ok grandad is all I could say ( of course he isn’t).  I stayed there for a while talking to him. I could tell he was getting sleepy from the pills so Before I left I gave him a kiss on the cheek, he whispered something to me but I couldn’t hear him and then he fell asleep. I feel a bit gutted to be honest that I didn’t catch what he said.

Over this last week I have been feeling very low and keep looking at what I am going to be doing to help others out there from going through this. It’s the only thing that has any type of effort on me at the moment. Once more thank you and I hope you are all well. 

The ball is rolling!!! Final part

 So it’s The end of this chapter, thankfully only of the fist part of my long journey to raise money for cancer research. Getting this massive ball rolling has been an eye opener,  I now know it’s going to take everything ladt bit of will and determination I have to achieve.  It’s been about a week since my last blog, I hope you are all fine and dandy. In my last blog I explaind  about the PCT, a 2,600 mile trek to raise money for cancer research. now … how am I going to make this possible after all I am a normal person doing normal everyday things. To be honest my mind has been on overdrive over this last week thinking about it but it’s simple in comparison to losing a loved one to this horrible thing. To start with I needed to get a base for all my paper work and so on. My cupboard is now been converted to a office space with a little DIY, not that bad is it …

Now I have my home for the next year I need to start the serious stuff. 

Goals – raise 10,000 for cancer research, complete the hike  (its a big number but I have the willingness, fight and inner self spirit to make even this possible)  

Fundraising is my  donation page and you can text PBUP to 70071 followed by how much you want to donate ( got some big ideas im working on, Over this coming week I’m going to start trying to get people on board that has a lot of influence)

Dates – Fundraising will be kicking of property on the 29/04/2015. The hike will begin on the 29/04/2016 ( it gives for exactly a your to raise as much as I can, it’s also my birthday) 

So the next chapter begins…

Thank you for reading, it really does mean a lot. Once more so sorry for the spelling and miss grammar please see over that. Many thanks 

The ball is rolling!!! Part 2 

hello I’m back, I just couldn’t wait to follow up on yesterday’s blog. I hope you are all doing well.

Yesterday I explained why I will be raising money for cancer research so tonight I will be reviling what it is Exactly I will be attempting. I must stress its going to be hard… Wait Thinking about it … Compered to how hard it has been and will be for millions of people out there effected by cancer it will be a walk in the park.

Thank you cancer research for my fundraising pack.

I will be attempting to hike the Pacific crest trail. For those of you that don’t know what the PCT is, it’s a 2,650 miles hike from the Mexican border to Canada. I will be going through the scorching deserts of California, the dramatic Sierra Nevada mountains, the volcanic landscape of Oregon and the vast forests of Washington. It has a 50% finishing rate witch is being made even more hard by the fact I have no hiking experience but with the hope of helping people out in the future will get me there.

Why such a big challenge? We only live once, why sit back and hope the next person will do something so we don’t have to. I can not sit back any more.

It’s a lot of planning but I’m up for it and on my next blog I will be going through a little bit more about the size of this journey. I would like you to come with me 😃 many thanks 

The ball is rolling!!! 

I am a 32 year old man from Essex that’s had some very emotional experience over the last 2 years all thanks to that very …. Wait for it … heart thumping word …. cancer. I have Witnessed first hand loved ones taken apart by this savage disease, not only does it take from us but leaves a wave of destruction behind it. 

Before I go any therther please forgive me on my bad grammar and very poor spelling, it’s hard when you are dislexic 😳 I’m doing this not for my grammar but to change people’s life’s. 

I lost my step dad last year, he had a pain in his back one minute then of for chemotherapy the next, then witch seemed like three minutes later we was listening to no matter what at his funeral. My mum’s best friend who was like family to me couldn’t eat properly, it was to painful … She was taken from us 6 months later from throat cancer. It didn’t stop there, my best friend stellar the best dog a man could ever wish for was now gone in the wake of this evil.You would be forgiven for thinking cancer should leave me and my family alone for a while BUT it hasn’t my grandfather  has 2-4 months to live he has lung cancer to severe to have a good outcome. 

The title of today’s blog is the ball is rolling!!! That’s because I am going to fight back at cancer, hit this horrible disease where it’s going to make a difference. I will be taking on a massive challenge to raise money for cancer research. I will explain much much more on my next blog hope you enjoyed many thanks…